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cosmetic & restorative

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why choose a prosthodontist?

With an additional three years of specialized training beyond dental school, Prosthodontists treat complex or atypical dental and facial problems, including defective jaw structures and missing teeth. We specialize in Dental Implants, Porcelain Veneers, Crowns and Bridges, Cosmetic Dentistry, Complete or Partial Dentures, and Complex Oral Rehabilitation. 

science leads the way
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beauty & function

As scientific artists, we craft beautifully cosmetic and restorative prosthetics that function properly to rehabilitate oral health.

harmony & perfection

Our goal is to create harmonious and perfectly designed restorative treatments that fit and function well within the oral framework.

Dr. Rad working in her lab

comprehensive oral architecture

As Oral Health Architects, we take a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment of the entire oral architecture.

we offer the following cosmetic & restorative treatments:

Leading Technology

Our state-of-the-art facility is packed with leading technologies and digital equipment to ensure you receive the most advanced and customized smile design solutions.

Dr. Rad showing a patient a digital scanner wand

3Shape TRIOS® Intraoral Scanner

The TRIOS scanner allows our team to capture high-definition digital video and images of your teeth without the mess of traditional impressions.  Patients enjoy a more comfortable, convenient, and better experience resulting in more precise modeling.

SprintRay 3D printer

Revolutionary 3D printer allows us to generate accurate models of your teeth from which we can create clear aligners, mouthguards, splints, occlusal guards, and orthotic appliances.

Zirkonzahn S900 ARTI Scanner

This completely digital and fully automated optical structured-light scanner has three high-resolution high-speed cameras for faster, more precise scanning without limitations.

Zirkonzahn M2 Dual Teleskoper Milling Unit

No need for a laboratory. With the latest in milling technology, we make your dental prosthesis (crowns, bridges, implants, etc…) in-house. That means fewer visits and less treatment time.

Imetric iCam4D Photogrammetry

Now it only takes a few minutes to produce digital impressions for a multi-implant structure, complete with three-dimensional images and unrivaled precision. This revolutionary technology allows us to produce a completely model-free digital implant of the patient’s upper and lower arch.

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